Meet the Team 🤝

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Ever wondered who was keeping our community running?

Behind the scenes, long-time experts and NI employees are dedicated to make it thrive. Time to get to know everyone 👇


Mods are using their expert knowledge to help you get by and make sure discussions are going into the right direction. They are the true heroes keeping this place alive, since day 1.


Diego has been making beats for 20 years and knows Maschine inside out. If you ever checked for tips to get the most out of your MK3, chances are you saw D's contribution.

Speciality: Maschine


Mario is one of the world's leading KSP developers and the active member with the most messages in our original forum (19K). Simply put, we are all in good hands.

Speciality: Kontakt, Reaktor, Massive X ... well all of Komplete actually 🚀


No stranger to the NIUwe has been a consistent contributor for almost a decade. Very few days go by without reading a useful contribution by Uwe 😊

Speciality: Maschine, Komplete

Two new additions to the team 🎉


Newly minted mod, Mykejb's been jamming since the '70s on guitar, bass, and keys. A die-hard NI user since Traktor DJ in 2000, he's all about software/hardware tinkering and sharing his wisdom.

Speciality: Traktor, Kontakt


A self-made IT troubleshooter, PoorFellow began his journey as an X86 computer and DOS/Windows user. Recently dubbed a mod, he's a true jack-of-all-trades with diverse interests from technical to philosophical.

Speciality: Komplete

Customer Care Experts

Customer Care Experts have your back if the question you're dealing with is too complex, or too specific. They check this space daily to post troubleshooting tips, escalate cases and bring feedback to the customer care teams.


With a longstanding experience in support, Jeremy will cover pretty much every aspect of your technical questions. Definitely a veteran you can trust with your eyes closed.

Speciality: Komplete Kontrol, Maschine.

Community Admins

Admins are doing it all: building the tools, planning activities, monitoring discussions and more importantly listening to you all. An admin is always around.


Latest addition to our NI team, Kai is the community expert par excellence. Expect to see her bring this place to life and share some of the most important info 🏆

Speciality: Komplete


Running around the NI offices for a few years, Matt knows it (almost) inside-out. Count on him to always be around to make sure nothing breaks and help with some of our new community initiatives.

Speciality: Massive, FM8, FX



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