Thoughts on Native Access 2 improvements

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Native Access 2 is here. Pretty Cool.



  • MikaX
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    Yes. I just installed it. It seems to have everything that I mentioned in my feedback to NI some time ago :D

    I think that Native Access 2 is a good piece of software. And special thanks for NOT including marketing and selling ****** like some other companies do. I really like the idea of just being able to uninterruptably enjoy the products that I have bought.

    The visual grouping and informative content related to different plugins and instruments is really nicely implemented and seems to work flawlessly.

    Congratulations NI! I am even happier customer now after this release.


  • Reefius
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    Am I missing something? I'm still running Native Access 1.14.1 and it does not tell me to update. Even if I manually download NA from the website I still get 1.14.1.

  • Jojo123
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    Looks like a big improvement with dark mode too. A lot of us will have to wait though.

    Native Access 2 is a new administration tool for product activation, installation, and updates for all your Native Instruments products. It is currently only available to KOMPLETE NOW subscribers, but will eventually be made available to all of our users.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @Reefius Confirming that NA2 is being rolled out only for Komplete New subscribers atm. The official release will be in a couple of months. 🙂

  • nightjar
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    Extremely pleased with NA2.

    Having the categorization of products is VERY helpful for organization and has been well executed.

    Thanks to all who helped make this happen!

  • Kubrak
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    Hello, does it has uninstall of plugins? Or relocate of plugins of choice, or at least relocate for certain subgroup of plugins?

  • Reefius
    Reefius Member Posts: 238 Pro

    It took some digging on the NI site, but I was able to find and download NA2. Looks really nice 😀

    I noticed it leaves all installation files in the download folder, this is great to keep a local copy of the installers.

  • Stormchild
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    Some initial comments, which I will also submit via the app:

    • Still no uninstall feature. This is the only actual improvement the original version really needed.
    • The list row thumbnails are too big. In list view, I can now see half as many items as I could in version 1. Poor information density. Even with the ability to filter by category, this means a lot more scrolling.
    • The app should respect the system-wide setting for scrollbar visibility instead of forcing the scrollbar to always be visible. Version 1 did this correctly.
    • Product names are needlessly truncated despite an enormous amount of space between the name, version number, size, and Install button.
    • Icons that indicate which products require Reaktor or Kontakt are helpful.
    • I'm curious how the change log will be presented. Currently none of the products have a change log.

    Overall: While I like the dark theme, almost everything else is worse than it was before, and no real improvements have been made.

  • Trevor Meier
    Trevor Meier Member Posts: 69 Advisor

    Still no uninstall, eh? That’s disappointing.

  • Nico_NI
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    You can see the changelogs by clicking the icon here in the 'Updates' tab:

    As well as in the 'Library' by clicking the 3 little dots on the side of each item:

  • Tony Jones
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    I've not seen the final version, but was a beta tester and like others above didn't see any benefits. I'm sure there are plenty under the hood, but they weren't made clear to me. Perhaps we'll get more insight once it becomes more generally available.

  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,238 Guru

    Really? No benefits? Just having the categories was enough to make me smile. Endless irritation with old NA and having to look at all those Expansions adding to the looooong list of mixed products.

  • Stormchild
    Stormchild Member Posts: 50 Helper

    I know where the change logs are supposed to be. I was just saying for me they’re all missing. It just says “no change log available”.

  • Stormchild
    Stormchild Member Posts: 50 Helper

    The categories are helpful, and the icons to indicate Kontakt and Reaktor instruments are a nice touch as well. Alas, those two minor improvements are offset quite a bit by the fact that the icons are so big in list mode that I can only see half as many items on the screen as I could before. One step forward, one step back.

    The bigger concern is there’s still no uninstall feature. This was the only major defect in the old version, and it was not addressed.

  • Russellmus
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    It's not really Now subscribers only, they are just the only one's who were told about it. It's available to everyone on the NI website here.

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