maschine limits software development

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This is indeed my true feeling.

I think maschine software should be better.

With so many expansions, it can be done better. You can even enter chords like band in a box to generate your own music.

But maybe hardware is hard to do.

Sometimes even in order to sell hardware, the maschine software will not be better.


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    I recently made a similar point about Komplete Kontrol.

    There needs to be a conceptual rethink about the relationship between NI's hardware and software.

    The original concept was that the computer software for Maschine and the KK keyboards was designed in service to the hardware.

    This needs to be turned around... the hardware needs to be designed to be in service to the computer software.

    And the computer software need to be optimized for UX (User Experience). Taking full advantage of machine learning to help establish a new paradigm of creating and/or finding and tweaking the full spectrum of sounds beyond any limits of genre and style.

    The hardware should be there to perform using a smaller set of sounds the user has curated for use. The hardware controls optimized for performance.

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    The new direction taken with Playbox looks very promising. I really like the approach of this new instrument and an effort has been made to think outside the box. I hope similar ideas will come to kk and maschine.

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    Put drums from maschine into playbox chords and melody.

    I think maschine is only good for drums

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    Hi there! I agree with you that the Maschine software could be improved. With all of the expansions available, it has the potential to be a very powerful tool. One of the issues is that it can be difficult to sell hardware if the software is not up to par. I hope that Native Instruments will continue to work on improving the Maschine software so that it can reach its full potential. I heard guys from a custom healthcare software development company are doing a great job, and I bet their experience can come in handy in this situation.

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