Advices for a beginner dj?

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Hello guys I’m new here

So is there any advices for a beginner dj that will help I’ll really appreciate it


  • lord-carlos
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    Watch a bunch of youtube tutorials and emulate what they are doing.

    Start with beatmatching (does not have to be "by ear" in the beginning) and phrasing.

    A bit older but still relevant: Search for traktor on this channel

    Club ready also has some decent videos

  • Patch
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    There are 2 things you need to know to put you on the road to being a great DJ:

    1) Learn Traktors preferences inside and out. Do that, and you’ll be on the way to mastering the software.

    2) Learn how to map in Traktor. Nothing too complex - just the basics of binding functions in the software to buttons/knobs/faders on your controller. Keyboard mappings too.

    Learn those 2 things, and everything else will just flow so much better, and you’ll learn a hell of a lot faster.

  • djdonjulio
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    If your are a beginner learn the controller and software first. Do the right settings that work for you. Pick a view in the software that works you and that has the features you like. Also, get familiar with you music and the crowd you want to play for. The following are the settings that fork for me.

    1. Test your computer cpu performance to audio usagewith the controller, play a few long sets in your house first before you do it in public, use as many features that require the use of the cpu power. Like, effects, cueing, looping and filtering for multiple songs.

    2. Prepare your set, this is not set in stone, and it can change depending how the crowd responds, but you have a frame work.

    3. Under the settings I have that only the on air deck can be the master sync. This helps no to make the mistake of syncing the on air to a new bpm either faster or slower than what is being play.

    4. Set up your cues, mix in, mix out, a few juggling cues, but alway ser a loop cue and always use the same cue number for each.

    5. Learn how to use your high, mid, low and filter to give your mix more dinymic sound.

    6. I could go on, but the most important thing is keeping it simple that day you play by doing all this set up, and work before.


  • Kayya
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    1- do you want to be the person who plays the music or do you want to be the one who listens to the music? You have to answer this question by getting to know yourself.

    2- a costly future awaits you, you should know that.

    3- you have to study the world music map and get style. How do we know, maybe one day the NI company will release such a work for us. :)

    4- Find a real DJ you can find and you have to learn it by doing it. This will save you from the regret of having spent a lot of time years later.

    5- You have to learn that DJing is a presentation, that the list should be prepared according to a composition.

    6- You should know first that its purpose is to impress people. That's why you should try it in front of people from the beginning.

    7- you must have high quality files. You should make a high quality sound presentation.

    8- You should use the stems feature.

    9- you should prepare the agenda program and do your work accordingly. You shouldn't have a program that will get bored over time.

    10- you should be a good listener without interrupting your day, you should visit the lists.

    11- you should never give up industry standard devices.

    12- you should install computer-aided setup.

  • L.A.Taylor
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    Never mind Playing to the crowd, your the boss, take them on the journey with you, your the shaman they dance to the beat of your drum.

  • L.A.Taylor
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    Have a beginning a middle and ending , what is the message you want to portray in the set? if you have one, Take them up and take them around and down and at the end of the nite always leave them wanting more.

  • Zalien
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    Select the music you really love and like the folks have said above, configure it into a set that beat-wise picks up from near where the previous DJ finishes and take the crowd on a journey.

    The art is in crafting an intelligent mix that the crowd love. Be animated - it will enthuse the audience. Don't act as if you're a hero though - it can look naff. Watch the crowd and if they get excited (you know, groaning with pleasure or hands in the air) make a mental note and play more of these tunes. All the crowd want is to be helped to feel good by dancing to good tunes.

    A more experienced DJ once said to me that the DJ's task is to bring the audience into a state of ecstasy and keep them there for 8 hours. That kinda means being part of a bigger team, so aim for gigs/raves where the other DJs are intelligent enough to know how to make people happy.

  • d_j_m
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    I disagree with the comment about not beatmatching at first. Learn to beatmatch before you ever even think about looking at a sync button so you can develop good habits right away - there's only so far you can go with a sync button and you might not always have one. Plus, knowing how to beatmatch makes it much easier to learn certain things.

    Other than that, practice at least an hour every night. If you're not up for mixing, just listen to new music.

    Watch youtube videos.

  • etko
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    Maybe you should touch a bit of music theory regarding rhythm's, arrangement and phrasing. I remember back in the days once when figured out phrase matching thing drastically improved in terms of transitioning from one track to another.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Have a beginning a middle and ending , what is the message you want to portray in the set? if you have one, Take them up and take them around and down and at the end of the nite always leave them wanting more.

    Absolutely love these!

  • L.A.Taylor
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    Thanks appreciate it , glad you like.👍🏻

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