Feature request: delay compensation

Z Gabr
Z Gabr Member Posts: 2 Noise
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Hi all! It's me again and my feature suggestions))))

A topic like this is needed!


  • Z Gabr
    Z Gabr Member Posts: 2 Noise

    And my most current feature suggestion is Delay compensation))))))

    "I dream about a Reaktor module, which reports and compensates the delay of any ensemble to the host application .. Otherwise, large number of high-quality algorithms can’t be used in real time without using of third-party plugins that compensate their delay... I believe that the appearance of such a module in the Reaktor is possible."😂

  • MosheB
    MosheB Member Posts: 2 Noise

    feature suggestion: Please add a shortcut key (Ctrl+?) for "snap to grid" option at the settings tab. thanks :)

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