Been trying to activate Guitar Pro 6 for way too long, still in demo mode.....

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So I've bought Guitar Rig Pro 6 for Windows, and then activated it on the same email account I used for Native Access. Afterwards, Guitar Rig Pro 6 was still in demo mode. I tried everything in but to no avail. I then reinstalled Native Access and Guitar Rig Pro, and then inputted the serial code. After that, the 'registering your product, please wait' sign has been loading for like an hour, so I gave up and reinstalled everything again. I saw someone said the reason for that wait is because it has already been activated in my account, so I installed Guitar Rig again and saw it was in demo mode. It's extremely frustrating as I have been at this for hours and hours, not finding a solution. I have also sent support tickets but no one has responded for a while now. Should I ask for a refund?

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    @terence1123 My colleagues replied to you on Monday with a solution, 26 hours after your request. Did that work out?


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