Allen & Heath Xone K2 Traktor Mapping

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Hey everyone!

Just purchased an Allen & Heath Xone K2 and i'm trying to map it to Traktor. Everything is set and done except from the effects part. When i map the reverb or filter from the fx table it sounds very different from the filter option in the mixer channel. Does anyone know why does that happen and how i can properly map fx?

Thanks in advance!


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    do you map the insert fx filter and want it to be the same as the channel filter, then use the filter:92 map the last knob and press the DJM button under that knob, then it behaves the same.

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    Thanks for your reply. It actually works. How i can do the same with reverb and delay so i can map all those thre effects from the fx table? Becase reverb and delay also behave differently from their mixer channel counterparts. Especially reverb sounds very distorted and noisy from the fx unit table. It's like it adds some extra claps and kicks in the background.

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