Need help to choose a computer suited for Maschine

Steiner Paul
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Hi everyone! I am new here and I rely on your knowledge! I just bought the latest maschine mk3 controller and I'm wondering;

Which pc to run it comfortably? I don't have 3k to put into a pc, but I'm looking at refurbished macs, what reference would you take? I already have a macbook pro, but I'm afraid to make it hot for not much.

I'm looking for a new one.




  • Nico_NI
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    Hey Paul, please note that our community is in English only, as mentioned in our code of conduct.

    Feel free to use a translator so everyone can participate.

    What are the specifications of your current computer?

    Check out the minimum system requirements for Maschine for more information on what you need to run the software.

  • Kubrak
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    It depends, what will you do. One may be OK with weak PC and one may have troubles even with rather strong one.

    If on Mac, I would say M1/M2 would be OK for a decent start. If you consider something older, do not go under 4 CPU cores, even that may be so, so soon for you...

    Beside CPU, also RAM and SSD storage is important. IMHO 8 GB of RAM is not enought, 16 GB is starting point and 32 GB just fine. I guess 16 GB would do you unless you want to do orchestral/cinematic music. You could fit even in 8 GB, but most probably sooner, or later (within few years) hit the limit.

    And SSD storage... Komplete 14 Ultimate CE takes 1.5 TB or so. I do not say and even do not recomend to start with this huge bundle. Komplete 14 Select will do for a year, two and you may upgrade to Komplete/KU/KUCE gradualy later as you need. But it is good to know, that sooner or later big disk space is needed. It is more convenient to have it internally, but many people also use external SSD.

    I am not Mac user, so I cannot help with specific models....

  • Flexi
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    Run it on your current Macbook, load some demo projects and run them, if they run, you are fine, learn to use the system, then worry about new hardware if you get issues, you don't always need the latest greatest computer.

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