What would work best for our band

Hi, We are a 9 piece country muisc band, I am completely new to this, I would like to add some plugins for orchestral and steel guitar to build our sound, which would be played via a keyboard, would any one be able to recommend,

What software package do I require?

What would be the best plugin for this type of music?

thanks sam


  • Milos
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    For starter, if you want free software for those synths and instruments, install Kontakt 7 Player.

    For even wider range of nearly 900 instruments from nearly every genre, buy the full version of Kontakt 7.

  • PoorFellow
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    If you do not understand very much about the use of virtual instruments then it is completely free to get your feet wet by making a free account on https://www.native-instruments.com and then get (add) the free Komplete Start and the free KONTAKT 7 PLAYER to the account when logged in. Then download Native Access and install it to your computer and log in to the app and then download the free software.. If using a MAC computer then be sure though to first read the Compatibility of Native Instruments Products on macOS statements !

    Besides that then you are in luck that it is Black Friday/Cyber Season so there is %50 off Native Instruments. What software package you require is hard to tell since I have no real idea what you want and how great your expectations are. I myself considered the purchase of Komplete 14 Standard as one of the greater purchases I had done , but never the less then personally I will never be satisfied with less than the Komplete 14 Collectors Edition . You can scroll down this page to compare content and price , it is all found down on the compare page.. But any of these packs , Standard to Collectors Edition will give you an amazing amount of content , and especially at the sale , at a price that is far lower than the collected price of the content as single purchases... At the moment you can also get the K14 Standard and the K14 Ultimate bundled with the new Komplete MK3 keyboards , just be aware that N.I. have had a lot of serious issues with especially firmware updating on the sold keyboards. N.I. are handling the problems but if unlucky it might require some patience to say the least !

    Also you might find this N.I. forum discussion interesting : Best session guitarist for country music : https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/13547/best-session-guitarist-for-country-music and N.I. : Acoustic guitar VST plugins/The best acoustic guitar plugins  : https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/komplete/vst-acoustic-guitar/   and  https://www.native-instruments.com/en/catalog/komplete/guitar/ (Please notice that depending on which K14 bundle you buy then theses plugins may be included in your choice of bundle)

    I am not an N.I. Employee and am not an affiliate either , so while am not entirely sure how much I am allowed to refer to other makes then in this case I will go out on a limb for you since you mention Country specifically ! A company called IK Multimedia has made a virtual instruments called The Resonator (An authentic Hound Dog Dobro® resonator guitar recorded in stereo) made to run inside their product Sample Tank 4 (also has a free version) and The Resonator got a really nice sound that you might want to hear The Resonator is also included in their Total Studio 4 MAX which is also at sale at the moment !

    However please notice that once you get to know the products then while the N.I. Komplete 14 Bundles are the the extremely user friendly choice that you will most likely be very happy buying then the Total Studio 4 MAX at least up until now is a mess to install and to maintain the installation of , at least if you want to install to a custom location which most user would like ! Also the UI of TS4 MAX products are not very intuitive... If you have the money and the time to get to know the stuff then buy both products K14 Std/Ult/CE and TS4MAX...

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