Help! Native access is "broken". Won't finish install of products.

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I think I interrupted the installation somehow and now it's bugged. When I click to install it disappears from the queue and says starting but will keep this up forever. How can I redownload the products?

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  • NativeAmerican
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    Try uninstalling Native Access 2 and run Native Access 1. It should clear up the issue for now. I had an issue with Native Access 2 failing to start up because it couldn't install some sort of dependencies. I installed Native Access 1 and have had no issue that native Access 2 was claiming.

  • Jeremy_NI
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  • iNate
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    I remember when I initially got Komplete Ultimate (and later CE), I literally queued up the entire thing in Native Access 1, drove 1.5 hours to the training center, returned 6 hours later and it was all finished.

    With Native Access 2, you basically have to sit at your computer to hours to install this stuff.

    Otherwise, it's constantly failing and you're constantly rebooting your computer to get it to work again. I ended up removing the entire thing from my MBP, because I got tired of dealing with it (after 10 hours of doing this cherry picking install process), and on my new WIndows desktop it has the same issue, so I'm backing out and removing everything that was installed.

    I sold my Maschine MK3 a few days ago. I'm out. The most frustrating experience I have ever had with software.

    I don't understand why anyone needed NA2.

    I do appreciate Jeremy_NI for being active on the forum and responding to these issues, including following up on support queries through the website... But I have 3 computers and it's upgrade time for them (as in, new whole computers). I cannot afford to set aside one work day per machine just to install a product bundle that - months ago - I could click Install All and go to bed (or work, or whatever).

    This is not stuff you can just copy over, like with EastWest, Spitfire or IK Multimedia. It all has to be installed, so there is no practical workaround.

  • iNate
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    Here is the "fix" - or rather, reliable workaround for people soldiering on:

    Fail Condition:

    This has been known since Native Access 1, but the most reliable way to lock it up was to hit the "Refresh" button while it was installing a bunch of queued products.

    As long as you left it alone, it worked 100%. If you hit refresh, the likelihood of the entire application either freezing or stringing together a ton of failed installations was about 75%.

    There is something about what NA is doing during the Refresh that breaks the installation process. In NA2, it seemed to wait to refresh, so this wasn't an issue.

    In NA2, however, it refreshes after every installation. As long as this refresh happens in isolation, nothing happens,. However, if two small downloads install in quick succession, this triggers two simultaneous refreshes and NA2's Installer Service will break 100% of the time.

    The Fix:

    The fix is simple. You simply never queue downloads together that have a high likelihood of finishing quickly and triggering multiple simultaneous refreshes. This means Synth Expansion Packs and anything quite small (i.e. 500MB packages on a fast internet connection) should not be queued back to back.

    On a 500 Mb/s internet connection, a good "Rule of Thumb" is that you should avoid queing downloads smaller than 2GB back to back. This obvious changes based on the speed of your connection or internet, but it just about works at that breakpoint.

    So, when you're installing Komplete you should go through and install one-by-one the Instruments/Drivers/Creator Tools first. Then, install the REAKTOR Ensembles and FX. The Synth Expansions.

    And then when you get to Expansions you should go through the list and install all Expansions that are smaller than about 1.5GB (again, depends on PC/Network connection) one by one. Once one starts installing, wait about 5 seconds and then queue the next in line.

    After the small expansions are installed, you can basicalkly queue up all of the others in one batch, and they should be fine.

    When the Expansions are done, go to Kontakt LIbraries and do the same thing. ALl of the smaller Play Series, Butch Vig, etc... anything smaller than 2-3GB you want to install one by one first.

    After those are installed, everything else can be queued up back to back, but I'd suggest doing the small items first and then the big items, since some installations for large libraries can take a while and are a risk if you have a 3GB download queued behind it.

    I'd save everything 10GB or larger for last.

    That's less work than queuing absolutely everything back to back, but it still requires you to sit in front of hte computer a lot to manage it, when it was previously an "Install All" and go affair with NA1 (as long as you didn't touch the Refresh Button).

  • Wetdirt114
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    Just had this issue, commenting here for anyone else as one solution worked outside of all of the suggestions that I’ve tried.

    1. Open the task manager and kill everything running for Native Instruments (NI)
    2. Open the folder designated for downloads - ie where Native Instruments temporarily takes space during the install
    3. Delete the .iso file that is hung up (only one was hung up for me, but I deleted all of the .iso files in mine to start clean)
    4. Restart and the pending install will be gone
    5. Start the download again

    Also, I noticed for some reason it kept kicking me off of my Ethernet connection - keep an eye on that and make sure your wifi is on so downloads and installs can continue.

    Lastly for active NI employees that may (hopefully) see this, first thanks for the upgrade options for Komplete. I’ve had terrible experiences downloading bulk using Native Access pretty much each time and if the Komplete series options include a purchase on an SSD to be shipped - I would happily pay whatever you all wanted to charge. I’ve ordered a hard drive box edition before but SSDs are my standard for workflow.

    Hopefully this helps anyone with this issue.

  • Deef Camaro
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    This right here, nailed it.

    I had install stuck on Middle East when moving my content to different drive. Found the process in Task Manager, killed all NI processes, restarted NI Access, bam, rollin!

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