Feature Request: Apple Music library in Traktor

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I'm looking forward to a Traktor project since 2004. However I bought Traktor only in 2021. The only feature I need now is an ability to load Apple Music playlists inside Traktor software. And an ability to load Apple One subscription Apple Music tracks into the decks. Thank you for understanding, looking forward to this for another 10 years 😎


  • mykejb
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    Pretty sure this isn't possible. There are similar requests for Serato/RB/VirtualDJ and they all end up with "Can't do it, apple streaming files are DRM protected".

    You can use purchased music in iTunes, just not streamed. At least on the PC you can, pretty sure it'll be the same with one of those new-fangled Apple things :)

    -- Mike

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    Mike! Hi! I know this, but I have a good Apple One deal where I got all the music for free. And iTunes doesn't have deals like this. They ask to pay for music and afterwards I can't load it to deck too. I can write a letter to apple via Apple Music for Artist support but it's all I can do. I don't think they will vote for my act. I 100% sure that it is a long awaited feature since old times and I'm pretty sure I can't load local Russian iTunes tracks into Traktor decks too.

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    You already can load your music.app´s playlists in Traktor.

    But it only shows locally stored music and does NOT work with Apple streaming.

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    oh!! cool! I see this, will check it out. checked, I see the playlists, but they are empty. Only physical tracks are there, which is my productions and I don't play my own tracks due to my own policies. How to enable Apple Music tracks in those playlists?

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    As mykejb and I already mentioned, "Apple Music" does NOT work with Traktor.

    The Apple "music.app" (formerly know as "iTunes") and "Apple Music" are different things:

    "Apple Music" is a streaming service, like Spotify, Deezer, Beatport.

    Apple´s "music.app" is the music playback and library software which was formerly called "iTunes".

    Within the music.app you can subscribe to "Apple Music" and listen to all songs, but you cannot listen to these songs in Traktor.

    In Traktor you can access your music.app´s list and folders, but you are only shown the songs own you and have locally loaded into music.app´s library.

    I think, this is due legally reasons: You borrow the music from streaming services, so you do not own the music. When you buy songs from the regular iTunes-Store, you own them and they will be shown in Traktor.

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    Best why to play is to buy your tracks. That way you have them in good quality and no one can take them away again.

  • c0nsul
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    That's why I don't use any streaming services nor the streaming feature in Traktor.

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    I think there will be a producer subscription for apple music in the future. apple music is a platform that really moves the market. as sound quality, as a regular data pool, at the forefront as selected lists. it appeals to the whole world.

    And I have a surprise for you, it can separate the vocal sounds of the music. and it does this as a standard service. It was the best audio separation I've ever seen.

    Today, we are waiting for a paid stems analysis as a community. :)

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    c0nsul, this is understandable. So on macOS Ventura do I need to install iTunes and buy music from here to see it in Traktor? I also have an option to download tracks in Apple Music.. I used to work this way before Mastercard and Visa was prohibited in Russia: I made a playlist in Apple Music and then bought all tracks in WAV format from Beatport. It has the most satisfying results. But now I can't buy anything. I know Beatport is the NI project and I ask NI to make an option to pay Beatport tracks via Apple Pay services so to be able to pay via my mobile phone account 😏

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