Solved: long loading time of projects > Maschine as Plugin in Ableton

winihh Member Posts: 22 Member

Just for information... further comments welcome!:

I had issues with Maschine as a plugin (VST3) in Ableton Live. Loading time of a "normal" Ableton project was doubled when I switched of the internet.

When disabling "user tracking" in Maschine (and Guitar Rig) the loading time of the projects including Native-Software is much faster.

Maybe I am completely wrong... but I think that caused the issue.

NIHostIntegrationAgent is still receiving date when loading projects within Ableton (when you have an internet connection)... but this seems not to affect the loading time without internet connection.

I will now stop using the excellent sounding and performing Maschine for Ableton Projects, because I perform live with ableton. Without Maschine Drumsets projects in Ableton load quicker than without (that makes sense and I do not blame Native Instruments for this..). I will still use Maschine sometimes for live performance as a Midi-Controller.

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