Native Access 2 Plugins not carrying over from Mac to Windows

Dariush Member Posts: 10 Newcomer

Hi everyone! I just recently purchased an M1 MacBook Pro for when I'm producing on the road. At home I work on a windows built pc and have been using it with the NI software for a few months now. I have all of my Native Instruments plugins pre-installed on my external SSD, that way I could work between both my desktop and laptop as needed. I've downloaded the proper Native Access 2 for Windows and Mac on their respective devices, and set the location of my files to my SSD to make locating them easier on Native Access. I've noticed though that when I go to carry over a project from Mac to Windows I receive the message that my samples and plugins could not be located. This is the message I receive when carrying over a project from Mac to Windows:

Any help in the right direction to resolve this would be much appreciated! Happy New Year :)


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