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VirusTotal shows Native Access has a virus?

DeathByLynx Member Posts: 4 Sine
edited January 6 in Native Access

I was installing native access from the official website and i scanned for a virus as per usual and

this popped up saying

  1. "1 match for rule Oilrig by Ariel Millahuel from SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace OilRig is an Iranian threat group operating primarily in the Middle East by targeting organizations in this region that are in a variety of different industries; however, this group has occasionally targeted organizations outside of the Middle East as well. It also appears OilRig carries out supply chain attacks, where the threat group leverages the trust relationship between organizations to attack their primary targets."

Should I be concerend

(Downloaded from www.native-instruments.com/en/support/downloads/)

The full scan



  • DeathByLynx
    DeathByLynx Member Posts: 4 Sine

    I did some more digging around and found out that The Native access uninstall .exe

    Not to mention it was also flagged as apart of the OilRig

  • DeathByLynx
    DeathByLynx Member Posts: 4 Sine

    Here's the graph to the virustotal link

    VirusTotal Graph

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 1,865 admin

    Hi @DeathByLynx I'm in contact with the native access team about this and will get back to you as soon as I hear back from them.

  • DeathByLynx
    DeathByLynx Member Posts: 4 Sine

    If you double click on the american flag (to show what its connected to) you'll see all the virus related things.

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