Reaktor 6 non-responsive on startup

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I want to use the Reaktor 6 demo. Reaktor becomes nonresponsive when I open any file (eg: .ens, .mdl). For example, if I open an ensemble (picture below), I see a small window that I cannot interact with. I hear the macos "unavailable" sound when I try to...

  • click any of the buttons
  • resize the window
  • close or minimize the window

I installed Reaktor 6 through Native Access. I am running the ARM version of Native Access on a macbook with an M1. Reaktor 6 runs on the Rosetta emulator.

I'm sure this is user error. I read the Reaktor Getting Started Guide but couldn't find any setup steps that I missed.

I've tried reinstalling and installing in different directories.

What do I need to do to use the Reaktor 6 demo? What other information can I provide? Can I make Reaktor 6 generate a debug log?




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  • LeeHarrold
    LeeHarrold Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
    Answer ✓

    Turns out, all that I had to do was click the x-button on the 'Demo Products' tab.

    Everything works fine.


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