Reaktor 6.5.0: Announcing start of Beta phase for January 2023

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Hi Reaktor community,

My name is Georg, Software Engineer at NI. I am member of a team currently working on a Reaktor 6.5.0 update which will:

  • Add native Apple M1 support
  • Add Reaktor as a VST3 plugin

Our goal was to release the Beta on Centercode before end of this year, but unfortunately there are a few show stoppers which we will have to fix first, so we have to postpone the Beta start to January.

Nevertheless we would like to inform the community already about the ongoing development and announce the upcoming start of the Beta test phase on our Native Instruments Testing Community. If you like to participate in the Beta test and are not yet registered there, you may already create an account there so we can invite you to the Reaktor 6.5.0 Beta phase as soon as it starts. The start of the Beta phase will be announced with another message here on the Reaktor forum.

Hope to see you in the Testing Community!


Georg and the REAKTOR team



  • nanotable
    nanotable Member Posts: 96 Advisor

    That's great news, looking forward to the beta. I also appreciate that there will be as few show stoppers as possible.

  • Trevor Meier
    Trevor Meier Member Posts: 69 Advisor

    Great to hear!

  • Murat Kayi
    Murat Kayi Member Posts: 433 Pro


    Great to hear about news for Reaktor!

    Just one question: the two listed features are the full scope of additions for that new version of Reaktor?

  • Murat Kayi
    Murat Kayi Member Posts: 433 Pro

    Hi and thanks for the reply!

    I read somewhere that Reaktor does not run on win11 ATM - is that true and if so, when do you expect it to run on win11?

    I am looking to upgrade my system and would hate to find out Reaktor is silent all of a sudden

  • Isotoxin
    Isotoxin Member Posts: 130 Advisor

    What do you mean by mentioning win11 ATM? What is ATM?

    On Windows11, Reaktor works perfectly fine.

  • stayflyeatfries
    stayflyeatfries Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
  • Georg_NI
    Georg_NI Product Team Posts: 20 mod

    As far as I know, there are already many users who run Reaktor 6.4.3 or even earlier successfully on Windows 11. NI is officially not claiming that the compatibility is there because it is not tested. I just had a talk with the QA for Kontakt to get to know if there was any work to do to make it Windows 11 compatible, and the answer was no or at least he can not recall on a first glance. Currently I assume the same is true for Reaktor. In my experience Windows operating system updates seem to be less problematic for existing applications compared to OSX operating system updates. Again, this is an assumption which has to be tested and this will be part of our Beta phase.

    Nevertheless, if there are any already existing reports or forum threads about failed installations or usage problems with the current Reaktor 6.4.3 on Windows 11, it would be interesting to get to know about. I really hope that we can attract Windows 11 users too to participate in our Beta phase so we achieve a good test coverage!

  • Isotoxin
    Isotoxin Member Posts: 130 Advisor

    Oh, OK. :D At first I was thinking about some windows version dedicated to an "Automated teller machines".

    I have two computers with a Windows 11 and on both of them, Reaktor works perfectly fine for maybe about last year. Of course I'm not the pro user, my usage is very noobish (I'm just a bedroomDJ) but my humble modular patches from Reaktor works fine. I'm not even talking about Reaktor based instruments in the Maschine SW.

  • Calagan
    Calagan Member Posts: 174 Advisor

    Great news !!!

    I can't wait.

    Will it be like Kontakt : only vst3 version will be Apple Silicon Native ? Or the VST2 version also ?

  • Kymeia
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    I think it's unlikely the VST2 will support Apple Silicon and it may be on Mac at least there is just a VST3?

  • ehdyn
    ehdyn Member Posts: 26 Helper

    Oh glorious day.. Reaktor lives on!

  • DynaMaltee
    DynaMaltee Member Posts: 11 Member

    Great to read 😀 ... thanks a lot for the insights!

  • rentkar
    rentkar Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Thanks, good information

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