no line input detected maschine3

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Hi all,

Just bought a 2nd hand maschine3, license transfer worked fine.

  • installed the software through ni access
  • ni kontrol detects my maschine
  • activated sample mode, detection mode, lowered threshold, INPUT 1 L+R , nothing in MIC port of course

Am detecting no sound at all, zero. Tried different cables and different inputs (iphone, pc output, soundcard output, synth output). Am I missing something ?

Any advice would be welcome, I'd love to use it as a sample station


  • bennethos
    bennethos Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    forgot to mention I did install maschine2 from NI of course, it detects my maschine, nothing is grayed out.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hey @bennethos looks like you're now in contact with our support? Let me know how it goes after following their troubleshooting steps

  • sko
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    i have the same Problem. OSX 13.3.1 Machine MK3.

    Is there a Solution to solve that?



  • D-One
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    MIC and Line-IN cannot be used simultaneously, unplug one when you want to use the other. Report back.

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