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Traktor S4 MKIII ASIO Issues and Track Crackling

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edited December 2022 in Traktor Software & Hardware

So I recently got this controller for Xmas. Recently when I was streaming a set for VRChat I had some tracks crackling and messing up. I am using the Traktor s4 mkiii asio for my output with a Komplete Audio 6 for recording via inputs. It was working fine with my traktor s2 and earlier in the week but today I was getting some tracks distorting in the bass, not clipping then I had to restart traktor because the audio would phase in and out mid set. I couldn't restart the controller to fix it I had to re open traktor to solve it. If the beta 3.8.0 fixes this I'll post a comment but till then I have no idea why it's being effected by this. The controller is brand new and it can't be the soundcard. I would often open the same track in a different channel to fix the glitching noise. I will leave a twitch vod of the set if you wanna look into the issues.

1:41:10 for glitching audio example.

1:47:55 for phasing and more static and eventual Traktor reboot.

Happy new year


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