Maschine mikro mk3 won’t connect to controller editor - Apple m1 Monterey

Paladini09 Member Posts: 1 Member

I’ve been using the maschine mikro mk3 with controller editor as a midi controller in ableton 10 suite without the maschine software,I use it to play drums etc in ableton and it works perfectly.

I’ve just upgraded the Mac mini i7 running OS Catalina to a new Mac mini m1 running OSX Monterey and the mikro mk3 just won’t connect inside of controller editor and then it won’t appear in ableton as a midi device,I’m about to sell it as I just can’t get it working with my new system which is a shame as the pads are amazing.

as soon as I plug it into the old Mac mini it works?

does anyone know or use controller editor with a mikro mk3 on a new Mac m1 Monterey ?

any help would be greatly appreciated



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