Wouldn't it be great if USB power let you run Maschine+ in standalone mode...

sashaagafonoff Member Posts: 1 Member
edited December 2022 in Maschine

Now that I've drunk the Kool-Aid and love my Maschine+ WITHOUT all the extra controls and VSTs, I exclusively use it standalone... until now! Aaargh!!! I moved countries and didn't pack my power supply, and guess what??? USB power doesn't work the same - so even though the unit can function while on USB without power connected, it can't access the SD Card, and I can't even access the SD Card while it's in Maschine+

It would be great to just connect the USB to a power port and have it all just work as a standalone unit... but I'm guessing it can't be done because power output from a USB-B is so low. Hey NI, maybe next version of Maschine+ could use a USB-C instead of yet another unique power supply???

In the meantime, guess i need to get used to ONLY running Maschine+ as a controller only until I get a USB-C to power cable or replacement power supply that fits... :-(



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