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Power bank info is scattered around a lot so consolidating all info in one thread might help new M+ users. I'll only cover the PD Option so this guide doesn't get huge, other options are in Post #2. This is not an official NI guide, just my findings and recommendations.

If there are any mistakes or suggestions let me know and I'll edit this thread, this will be continuously updated.


  1. ✅ PD USB-C Power Bank. (Recommended + cheapest option)
  2. DC Out Power bank. (Works but it’s more expensive, see post #2)
  3. ❌ RipCord (can work but it's not recommended as its underpowered, see post #2)

Specs required:

  1. 15 V
  2. 2.66 A
  3. Connector size: 5.5 x 2.5 mm
  4. Positive polarity as per the icon below:

1 - PD USB-C Power Bank + 15V PD Cable

PD is a feature where the USB-C cable that connects the device to the power bank has a chip that tells it what voltage to use, in this case, we specifically need a 15V cable, for Amps we don't need to worry as 15V Power Banks always support 3A (afaik). The power bank also has to support the required voltage, so you need to buy both things... PD Powerbank + PD trigger cable.

The rule is: The amperage can be higher as the device only pulls what it needs but the voltage has to match exactly!

⚪️ Power Bank:

When searching for which Power Bank to buy check in the specs if the USB-C output can do 15V, often this info is not disclosed on websites like amazon, they tend to use Watts instead of Voltage and focus on phones so it takes some digging… USB-C PD Power Banks advertised as 60W+ usually support 15V so that's a nice search term can you can use on google or whatever web store you like: "power bank PD 65W USB-C "

Some examples (I personally verified that meet the specs):

⚪️ 15V PD Cable:

For the cable you need a PD USB-C to 5.5x2.5mm barrel connector as stated in the specs, this can be tricky to find as it’s very specific, here are some options:

1 - Direct USB-C to DC 5.5x2.5mm:

2- Birdcord PD15v:

  • Note that this is an extender cable, so you will also need another cable with USB-C connectors on both ends to connect to it. It’s a bit more hassle but easy to find/deal with shipping customs and a company worth supporting IMHO: Use this option as a last resort if you can't source a USB-C to barrel direct cable (1).


  • Do any of this at your own risk, I am not responsible for anyone blowing up their devices.
  • For many of the above options, you have to specifically pick the 15V version!
  • None of the above cables have the locking mechanism that the original M+ power cable has, from my experience it's not a big deal since I never had the cable randomly come out.
  • If you're tech-savvy enough to mod the cable here's a link to the locking connector Native Instruments uses for the M+: PPW01009 -
  • Regarding the polarity: I never heard of anyone getting a cable with the wrong polarity and frying their M+, but it might be worth checking 1st ? Proceed at your own risk. 😬


Q: How long does XYZ Power Bank last?

A: Mine is one of the old DC Out ones with 20000mAh and lasts for like 9 hours of continuous playing a project with 75% CPU usage.



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