Maschine External Input Recording Bug (?)

Orangelynx Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

I'm using Maschine with an RME Babyface Pro interface and weirdly, when I attach a synth to e.g. input 4, I can hear it in maschine, when I select map input 4 to 4L in the MASCHINE audio preferences and then route that to the audio input of a new sound, but when I select the same input 4L in the recording input, I see no levels.

So this is when I map the channels like Analog in 1-4 to MASCHINE Input 1-4L (left), leaving the ADAT inputs of the Babyface Pro unmapped. When I however map the ADAT channels to 1-4R, then everything works as expected.

Hope the devs can take a look at this, I can reproduce this. See video attached.

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