Traktor 3.7.1 337 File Path Umlaut Bug Win10

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Traktor 3.7.1 on Windows 10 can't access Files from iTunes Library when the Artist name has an Umlaut (Ä/Ö/Ü) in it's name. Path/File replaces those characters with à and a special character. Even after relocating the file and making sure it works from iTunes Library, when you move it to the collection it gets "lost" again. Same goes for restarting Traktor, the new and correct file path won't be saved.


This problem only occurs on my Windows 10 system, OSX has no troubles and works as intended. Both computers are set to german language and let iTunes/Apple Music automatically organize the library. The OSX library was imported from the Win10 machine, so theoretically it is exactly the same lib.

Is this known or is there any solution (that doesn't involve manually renaming hundreds of Artists to ae, oe, etc.)?



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    I'll join here. I get this error on Windows 11 too. But only if I call up the iTunes media library in Traktor Pro do all the older titles in the Track Collection that have already been imported work.

    I already had the error in the previous version 3.6.? I don't remember the exact version number.



    ich schließe mich mal hier an. Bei mir Windows 11 tritt dieser Fehler auch auf. Aber nur wenn ich in Traktor Pro die iTunes Mediathek aufrufe alle älteren schon Importierten Titel in der Track Collection funktionieren.

    Den Fehler habe ich schon in der Vorgänger Version gehabt 3.6.? genaue Versionsnummer weiß ich nicht mehr.

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    Hi @minced the issue with umlaut should be fixed already. 🤔 Can you please get in touch with our support team directly so we can investigate?

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    There's an bug with reference TP-17312 for this. If you import a file with non-ASCII characters in the filename to the collection from the file system (Explorer node) it works ok. If you import the same song from the iTunes node you get the "not found" errors.

    -- Mike

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