Buying Maschine MK1 without software for windows

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Did you buy a Maschine MK1 without software for your windows computer on Ebay, Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist etc?

Don't panic you still can make it work but with an small investment and free software drivers.

Below I have compiled how I got my maschine mk 1 to work on my window 10 laptop.

Step #1: Install Maschine controller driver (look for this title "MASCHINE Controller Driver 3.0.1 Windows 7 and above"):

Step #2 Buy Maschine 2 Software:

Step #3: Download Native Access 2 this the software that allows you to download Maschine Software after you buy it and download samples, vsts, loop kits and drum kits:

Tips: Make sure you have updated your computer drivers and are using the right usb cable before starting maschine 2 software!

Wait...!!! I got more tips for you below . . .

Here's my favorite Youtuber to follow to learn how to use your Maschine Mk1 and they are dated because this is a older model maschine.

  • Channel Name -Dubspot: Search this title on Youtube: "Sampling w/ Native Instruments Maschine Pt. 1"
  • Channel Name - Maschine Masters: Search this title on Youtube: "Layering Drums on Maschine like an MPC"


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