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Hi all,

We're always looking for ways to improve our products and the NI research team is now conducting a survey to get a better idea of what your experience with MASCHINE is like.

In this survey, you'll get to tell us more about your workflow, what features you're looking forward to the most in the next generation of MASCHINE, and more.

We'd really appreciate it if you can take a few minutes to give us a feedback here.

Thank you in advance for your time, on behalf of the NI research team. 🙏



  • tetsuneko
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    thanks, feedback left!

    One thing I forgot to mention in my feedback:

    Please always communicate clearly whenever some parts of the Maschine/Maschine+ ecosystem get updated about platform compatibility! I have had issues earlier where updating just a single plugin (say, Raum or Massive) on one platform resulted in resource incompatibility with the other. For me, it is a number 1 priority to keep my Maschine Desktop environment 100% compatible with my Maschine+ standalone environment (including all addons like Kontakt/Reaktor/instruments etc). For this, whenever an update comes to either of the platforms, I always need to consider if I can update, or if I will need to stay on a previous version of a component just to be able to maintain full platform interoperability/compatibility.

    Thank you and happy holidays!

  • Crosstalk
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    1. Quantizing is not exactly intuitive, especially not when comparing to for example Cubase.

    2. I often find myself wanting to add a vocal track or two to my project. Better support for this would be appreciated.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    We sent the survey by email as well but I'm re-sharing it here as well in case you opt out from our marketing emails and don't receive the survey. :)

  • Kaiwan_NI
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  • darkwaves
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    I see. I didn't get it, but maybe I rage unsubscribed after getting komplete now emails. So thanks for posting here :)

  • Kymeia
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    The most/least bit is broken so I can’t complete it

  • Kymeia
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    Most important for me would be being able to use it expressively with instruments which is currently not something I can do due to lack of aftertouch and MPE

  • Burgerflippre
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    1. please make a pitch shifting function for samples which doesn't slow it down, currently the work around is to turn the sample to audio, shift pitch and re sample. The workflow can be much more straight forward.
    2. make it so that in the arrangement view, there's an option to NOT auto fill. For example, group A pattern 1 has 4 bars, group B pattern 1 has 1 bar. Current work around is to extend pattern 1 to 4 bars and keep bar 2 to 4 blank.
    3. Been able to add performance on the master, current work around is to add filter and other effects directly to the master, why not allow perform FX on the master
    4. allow for tempo automation on the master
    5. Customizable default sample kit layout on the pads. Right now kick is 1 snare is 2 ....make it so user can customize the default setting to get kick on 5 snare on 13.... etc when loading kits
    6. make favorites transferable. It would be awesome if when I'm working on my laptop, I find a preset I favourite, there's a file that I can transfer to my computer which ADD to the favourite list
    7. auto export and upload function onto SoundCloud, metapop, and other streaming services.
    8. note playback when writing on the piano roll, also not playback when move it around
    9. Ability to use 2 maschine simultaneously, this probably need more thought through, and ultimately, it would be awesome if buddy and I can work on the same beat at the same time.
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