Clearing RAM eliminates stuttering

Jonathan Blake
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I am aware of all the debate about RAM 'wipers' and how they DON'T work, but as an obsessive OCD 'cleaner', I have one embedded in CleanMyMac. I have noticed slight waveform 'stuttering' with an M1 16" MBP running TP3 and using an S3. Clearing the RAM definitely eliminates this (occasional) stuttering. Can any Mac 'specialists' offer an explanation?


  • Wyley
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    Placebo perhaps? All M1 Macs have more than enough ram for Traktor but if I were to take a guess on what would screw around with your ram it would have to be the naughty and questionable websites/software/downloads 😯. If one's computer was being strictly used and optimized for Traktor then just turning the computer on is good enough to start with cleared ram.

    Did you test this for Rekordbox and Serato where a minor jump or pause happens on their waveforms also? This would add more credibility to your findings.

  • TeLLy
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    We're not all the way there yet with M1 and certainly not the Pro versions of the chip, as evidenced by the multicore fix we're dealing with now. Wouldn't be surprised to see weird RAM handling and/or app prioritization as everyone comes to grips with the new architecture.

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