Traktor Pro 3 license won't active with Access 2

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Today I created a new NI account and installed the TKP3 Demo version, as I bought a second hand S4 mk3 to test it, then i proceded to buy the TKP3 full version (49 euro) my surprise comes that in access 2 when I put the serial code, it will never activate the TKP3, it keeps on the "Registering" window forever. I even unistalled everything and when I open Access 2 I already have the Traktor Pro 3 software (without the demo) but after installing it (on access) the demo tag appears and when I open it it's the demo version.

I don't know what to do, I tried everyhting. Feels very bad buying something legally and getting worse results than doing other "ways"

Hope anybody knows a solution, thanks in advance.

(EDIT): Solved deleting one folder and installing the previous version of Access (didn't know that existed) sorry guys about the initial panic...Anyone with the same issue can ask me about the detailed actions to solve it.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @skaartunes glad to hear you've sorted the issue out already. Do you mind sharing here what the solutions are?

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