Komplete 14 Update - "Installation failed"

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Hello all,

i just updated my collection from 12 to Ultimate 14 Collectors Edition but now i am getting a Error during the installation process. Native Access 2 is installed and downloading the packages. As the installation process starts, the GUI shows me "installation failed" - but nothing more. I cannot install any Software.

I have read that i have to grant "Full Disk Access" for Native Access and the NTKDaemon which already is activated. In the "Files and Folder" the Native Access and NTKDaemon is greyed out. I have removed the Downloads, reinstalled Native Access, reactivated the permission but nothing helps :-(

Can someone help me please?

I am running an MacBook Pro M1 Max with MacOS 13.0.1

Thank you in advance,



  • Belvedere
    Belvedere Member Posts: 4 Member

    i think i have the solution - installing the content on the local drive works, installing the content on a external drive does not work.

    what kind of settings do i have to do ?

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