De-registered Komplete 13 select, bought Komplete 13, Now Native Access isn't working.

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When I open Native Access, it takes 10 minutes at least to load the products. So far, I've had to enter my serial number twice. I deleted all the old applications and files from Komplete 13 Select and de-registered, so I have no idea why the installation is being held up.


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  • Uwe303
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    have you checked online in your account under the "my products" page, there should all products be listed.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey there, there was an issue with our services, including Native Access, read all about it here: A note about Native Access downtime (21.11.2022)

  • Bbrowning
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    So the issue was apparently that there were still old Native Instruments Select 13 files hidden throughout my computer, keeping the new installation from working.

    This video ( from Native was helpful, but it needs to be updated, as there were several spots in my computer I found files that the video didn't cover. I basically had to scour every file in my Shared and Library in order to find everything and stop NA from crashing. I might have been in real trouble if my computer didn't happen to be new and therefore blank.

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