Where can i buy iMaschine 2?

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I can't buy iMASCHINE 2 in App Store.

Is it already take down?


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  • Nico_NI
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    Hey, we have removed the iMaschine2 App from sale while we test it with the next major iOS update, to ensure that it is compatible before you buy it.



  • Nico_NI
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    Hey, we have removed the iMaschine2 App from sale while we test it with the next major iOS update, to ensure that it is compatible before you buy it.

  • Hebreww
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    So what it comes down to no improvement or new features ? Pretty sad if this is the case. 

  • Flexi
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    NI are now a small cog in a big machine (Soundwide) not everything is going to survive the transition, an app on iOS that was so outdated that it actually made NI look bad on that platform, not that much of a loss really.

  • Eve Ripper
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    Come on. We've waited for years to use our old maschines with iPad or iPhone. But you've did Maschine+. iMaschine needs second chance!

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    So How can I get my copy that I’ve bought a while ago. I want to get what I’ve paid for. Please send me a link to my copy and please let me get all the expansions couse I paid for them all, plus the Quantum Collection too even that it was a free one, I restarted my Iphone 6s and had no idea that NI removed the app from the app store. Now I have nothing and a great deal of sessions on it waiting to be done. This app is my main DAW come on! NI its not fair. Really?

  • 6xes
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    i would love to get my hands on the imaschine app as well...

    i remember the app was being sold with the 16 expansion or something like that... which at the time, i thought was a great deal.. so i waited until i had purchased a cheap ipad air... and heLLo Imaschine vanished from the app store

  • Monochrome
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    NI can't help you with that. In general, all your App Store purchases are tied to your Apple ID:

    See if you can download it by these means. If not, then you may have to wait until NI republishes it.

  • Flexi
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    Yeah Apple can't help in this instance, NI have removed it entirely even for previous owners, you can not download it.

  • complexprocess
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    I hope it comes back soon! I have an iOS device for the first time in about 10 years, and I have the original iMaschine (I bought it for my iPhone 4 way back in the day). It works fine on an M1 iPad Air, but it's pretty limited. I'd love to have access to a more robust Maschine workflow on the go!

    DJ FEEL-X Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

    Hello IMaschine2 users. I have just solved our problem with IMaschine2, no longer on AppStore.

    First question is: Do You own IMaschine2? If the answare is yes, then You have no problem with getting it back to Your IOs device. If somehow You are not a IMaschine2, yet. Then You have a problem and probably will have to wait, until NI, will kindly give us all, and reasonable answare, to this issue. If You have bought the IMaschine2 app in the past, using Your IOs device, than it is possible to get it back on Your device, even now.

    Solution: IOs device with 15.6.1 system version. Go to AppStore, click on Your user icon. Go to purchased apps. Scroll down to IMaschine2 icon. Click on it and download the app. Then inside the program, click on IMaschine2 logo icon (left upper corner). Go to Expansions Store and click on it. Click on Restore Purchases button (right upper corner). Then download all the expansions, that You have bought in the past. I'm using iPhone 6s 128gb with mentioned 15.6.1 system version. Restarted it completely and after that just did, what I have just suggested You in my post. Everything works fine and the only one thing that's not working is, the free Quantum Collection expansion (10 projects, 20 drum kits). I know that this expansion was determined by NI, with a date to expand. And that date came some time in the past years.

    Thank You all for being here. Install the app and MAKE MUSIC ANYWARE.

    If there is anyone who, still have the QUANTUM COLLECTION installed, please contact me via my em@il address: [email protected]. I will try to build it back again so that all the projects that used these samples in. Can still work fine on our IMaschine2 Let's make more music & love and generate less hate. All of our problems can be solved with positive mind, body & spirit. Greets to You all out there.


    Sebastian DJ FEEL-X Filiks

    www.djfeelx.pl insta: djfeelx_silazpokoju fb: silazpokoju

    my IMaschine2 music playlists: https://audiomack.com/sebastian-filiks

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  • dannyamusic
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    NI , i’m going to hold you to that. you claim you will add it back to the App Store, so i will trust you on this. i understand those who claim it may not be super popular, but we paid good money for it & all of the expansion packs on top of it, & had no warning whatsoever to export our music or sound packs so that we don’t lose them PRIOR, which if you don’t add it back is really low.

    i upgraded to a new iPhone (14 Pro Max) & i was able to download the app, thankfully & all of the expansion packs, with the exception of Quantum Collection free pack, which doesn’t download at all. unfortunately a majority of my instrumental songs use sounds from that pack & i don’t even know which sounds are missing from them now. the app seems to work fine for the most part on the latest device/firmware which i am on (14 Pro Max iOS 16.3) so i’m not sure why it needed to be pulled rather than just updated, as it’s always been.

    i may still have a backup on my computer from my last (jailbroken) iPhone 11 Pro Max of all of the expansion packs & sounds , possibly including the Quantum Collection, but other than importing them as new custom sounds, without a jailbreak for access to the iOS file system, i’m not sure how i would import them & i’m not even sure which of the sounds i needed for which beats i’ve created.

    long story short, we supported this app fully & loved it dearly. it is a phenomenal app still, even now in 2023. the only thing that i believe messed up the app wasn’t even NI’s fault, but Apple. when they removed 3DTouch from the iPhone they kind of ruined the touch sensitive pads like Maschine products have. even after this we supported & love this app, so please just fix that one bug with the Quantum Collection & let us export our music. we need it back as soon as possible. thank you for your time.

  • dannyamusic
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    i’m only now realizing this comment is from November 2022. any updates on when we will have access to our paid app & all of its expansions back? we all love this app & to be fair, you guys never even gave a heads up that it would be pulled so we can export our songs & sounds, as far as i know. it’s now January 2023. can you guys just fix the Quantum Collection & release it in it’s incomplete state for now, which still seems to work for the most part so we can export our music. thank you.

  • alphabrackets
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    I purchased a license for iMaschine 2 and cannot install it on any of my iOS devices. If Native Instruments is not going to make this available, I demand a refund. I didn't pay money in order to not use this product.

  • BaoRozzo
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    Hello there, any news/update?

    i love this app and I loved the first one, I have all the packs, I used both a lot!

    hope for the best!

    This app DESERVE to come back!

    @Nico_NI thanks for a kind reply!

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