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I Previously used Maschine Software & MK3 to Import and Tag USER Loops, One-Shots, and Sample Packs. I've noticed that if I add them to the SD card on the new Maschine + I have just purchased they automatically have all the previous Tags that were made in the software.

I proved this by intentionally adding a typo to an import session and sure enough, it was there when I added the pack to the SD Card.

My Question is : how does the Maschine + know this? Is it syncing with the Computer over Wifi or going back through NI's Servers or something else?

Its pretty great BTW, would just like to know how so I can invoke it to update itself after each tagging System import or update.



  • D-One
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    No, there's no fancy WIFI sync, you cannot invoke anything... Tags are simply saved inside the WAV files, metadata.

    I shared more details about how it works here if you're interested in the nerdy stuff:

  • nicknackers
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    Perfect so I can just Import libraries in Maschine software then move them to an SD card afterward and they'll contain the Meta information directly inside the files.

    I'll have a read of the link now thanks @D-One

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    Ahh so it saves the tags in the WAV header. So effectively tagging presets is the same workflow as with samples; you do it once and they are preserved along with the patch data. This is great!

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    Yes, it’s quite effective, especially when working on different systems. And that’s one of the reasons why I prefer the tag browser over a file system browser.

    However, AFAIR one thing is different between WAVs and Presets: Favorite markers are saved in the WAV files, while they are not saved to preset files.

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    Regrettably there is no standard how to handle tags in WAV files. Every manufacturer or sound designer can do what they want.

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