Adding Different Filters to FX1 / FX2 Knobs for Kontrol S2 on Traktor Pro 3

So I want to have different filters for each of the 3 knobs on the FX1 and FX2.

Similar to

For example.... have Knob 1 be Reverb, Knob 2 be Beatmasher, Knob 3 be Time Gater


  • Uwe303
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    do you mean you want to have a switch to toggle through the different filter FX? Can you pls explain it a bit more in detail.

  • kevinn44
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    No, ideally each Knob would be its own preselected filter so if I want to turn on Reverb I would just twist FX Knob 1 (For the track on deck A) or if I want to add Beatmasher filter I would youse FX Knob 2

    Or perhaps even use two filters at the same time - which might not be possible

  • Patch
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    Go to preferences and change FX mode to Group. Then load each filter (from the FX drop down) into a single FX slot in the group FX panel.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    There is a dropdown menu (see left) directly on the main interface. When you select Group it will look like the right side (FX2).

  • kevinn44
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    So here is what I have and nothing happens when I turn the knobs

  • Sûlherokhh
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    FX Unit needs to be assigned to a deck. In this case (picture) i have assigned FX Unit 2 to deck B.

    The S2 has toggles for that just underneath the deck's GAIN knob.

    EDIT: It's always a good idea to study the manual, even though finding it is not apparent. Here is the manuals page: LINK

  • Stevan
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    I believe that you are trying to select different Mixer effects (Filter + 4 other slots) with a turn of a knob (FX 1-2-3) which is possible but little more complicated.

    Easier method would be mapping your FX Buttons 1-2-3 to activate + insert your Mixer Effects. You can try the following:

    1- Add Selector commands first, MIDI Learn it to a Knob and assign it to a Deck. The tutorial you provided teaches you well on how basic mapping works. Kudos for that dude.

    What you need is three commands for each Deck assigned to FX Knobs 1-2-3. In next step you will select the specific effect for each command.

    2 - Click on value menu and select the effect from the list.

    I had the same idea actually and made something similar for Midifighter Twister mapping and it turned out perfectly.

    I also have S2 MK2 btw. My Fx knobs are mapped to Key - Pan - Gain - Filter and have it simettrically on the other side of the conntroller for other Deck. The actual Gain encoder is mapped to scroll Mixer Effects and I'm using Jog Wheel for the effects. I still have more fun with my 10 years old S2 Mk2 than with S4 MK3 because the Jogwheel overmapping is not implemented (not even the MIDI mode). Such a shame for that great hardware.

    Luckily, the MK2 was and still is good controller. Generally all NI hardware is.

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