Komplete 14 Installation Taking AGES!!! NI Access 2 (3.0.0)

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So, I installed a new SSD HD into my beast Mac Pro and decided to upgrade to Komplete 14, always been a fan of NI stuff and this package looks astonishingly good... Marketing is on point, Collabs on YT are fabulous, aight, credit card tanned.

I downloaded Native Access (2) and BAM, it's like no lessons have been learned from the original faecal show that was N Access 1. Initially downloading all iso files to an external drive, firstly I have to navigate the whole infuriation of it hanging on "installing dependancies" which requires at least 10 restarts and the killing of the Daemon program which seems to be preventing startup... Not a good start.

I finally overcome this problem (Loads of threads on here about this) and hesitantly press "Install All" - What a joke that turned out to be!

2 days (Yes, 2 DAYS) I've been running this and I'm only up to products beginning with the letter D. Now don't get me wrong, I realise these files are huge, they're downloading really fast on my system, but why does it take up to 15 minutes to install 1 single 1gb expansion? - I've got 12 cores of power running a souped up monster truck yet it feels like trying to launch a rocket with a Nokia.

I felt the sickness in the pit of my stomach when I realised that It'd be quicker to install 200+ iso's individually. I actually tested this, 1 NA expansion installing vs me manually opening the iso's and installing them myself. I can install 7 products manually via launching the iso, choosing the install location and manually installing than through NA2... Simple maths, it's done 3 letters of the alphabet in 2 days, therefore, through NA2, it's going to take roughly 2 weeks to install everything.... Surely there's got to be a faster way than just letting NA try to install at a snails pace.

I love NI and I probably sound like a whiney little B14tch considering I'm moaning about install times on a monster product pack, kinda like people moaning on a plane about their peanuts not being salty enough at 30,000 feet, but I'm just disappointed at NI AGAIN for making a highly unstable piece of software through which to install all of these instruments...

It's just started a new install of an 80gb pack while I've been typing this... Hopefully it'll be done by Christmas.


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    Hi @melodican I see you've been in touch with our support team already. Let us know how it goes after granting a full disk access to your mac.

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