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DDJ-1000 Map for Traktor (with and without BOME)

dj_estrela Member Posts: 103 Pro
edited January 2022 in Traktor Software & Hardware

This is the most poopular mapping for DDJ-1000 family of controllers.

9.7K downloads so far.

It has versions with and without BOME.




  • dj_estrela
    dj_estrela Member Posts: 103 Pro

    (reserved comment for future updates)

  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 619 Guru

    This is seriously the best DDJ-1000 mapping. Recommended!!

  • Soul
    Soul Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Yes, it is by far the best mapping for the DDJ-1000 (THANKS to Pedro Estrela for this).

    But, would it be possible for NI to make one on their own ?

    I mean without the use of a 3rd party program like Bome ?

    Dont get me wrong, I bought Bome but I dont like the idea of a 3rd party.

    So for this reason, I would like a NI original mapping instead.

    Less program running, less possibilities of a crash in the middle of a gig.

    Thanks 😁

  • dj_estrela
    dj_estrela Member Posts: 103 Pro

    I would love to have native support of the DDJ-1000!

  • Salvador
    Salvador Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Não se consegue entrar na Pagina para o Download do mesmo

    Bom, Bom , era a MARCA que VENDE este controlador ter um mapping para quem as compra e nao obrigatoriamente para programas associados a mesma .

  • DJM (Sagar)
    DJM (Sagar) Member Posts: 39 Helper

    Thanks @dj_estrela! Some seriously great work.

    I've just bought a DDJ-1000SRT. Looking forward to working with your SRT version of this mapping.

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