[Release] cmdr - Midi Mapper editor


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    List of new features since the original CMDR:

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    I wouldn’t try midi mapping without this now.  o:)
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    I would very much like this to be stickied, just like in the old forum. @Kaiwan_NI , what do you think? 🦋

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    I don´t have a Github-Account to comment on running cmdr on macOS, so I post this here.

    I tried to run CMDR on my M1Pro-Mac with the described methods on GitHub but neither worked for me.

    Now I tried UTM.app (which can be downloaded for free from their website https://mac.getutm.app/) to virtualise Win11 on my Mac. I simply followed this guide (https://docs.getutm.app/guides/windows/) to install a VM with Win11 on Ventura and installed cmdr. And it runs! And loads my tsi!

    Before I can say something about the reliability of cmdr in this VM, I have to get into cmdr first. But I thought, this might be good news for every Mac user here.

  • dj_estrela
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    Thanks a lot, this is indeed new instructions for macOS!

    The old instructions are old.

    Personally I'm a windows only guy, but made some effort for mac users to benefit from this editor

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