Make an arranger out of the Komplete Kontrol Keyboards

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Please add the funtionality to your keyboards to be able to use them as arranger.

I'm desperately missing the possibility to use styles and have registration banks to quickly recall pre-saved instruments or settings or to have one touch settings that load up instruments and effects that fit to a current part of a style, e. g. the main part 1 or the intro part or so...

Would so much love to use your keyboard as a realtime arranger that is capable of loading and using styles and loads up fitting instruments as well if needed.

Would love to get all the functionality or even more of my old Yamaha PSR keyboard, at least the styles function, the one touch settings function and the registration bank memory function to quickly load up songs, (instrument/style) settings and voices.

Would be so great if you update your keyboards in order to support at least the style functionality and add lots of styles to it or even better make your software open for the styles that already exist on the internet and make them work with Komplete Kontrol...

Hope you may add these desperately missing functions to your keyboars and software... You have such a big sound universe... Why not add arranger functionality to it and compete with Yamaha or other manufacturers?? I could use these techniques a lot for the things I would like to do...


  • Jon Watte
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    I believe you could set that up with some MIDI shortcuts and project templates in Cubase.

    It's true that you had to set that up, rather than having to buy it ready made, but on the plus side, you'd know exactly how it worked then!

    (Also, why Cubase for this? Because I've found it to be the more flexible on the automation and MIDI front, plus its built-in scoring is reasonable quality. Abelton, Logic, Studio 1, Pro Tools, Fruity Loops FL Studio and all the rest have their own strengths; for this, I'd think Cubase would work best.)

  • UdoBehm
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    Well, I know. But using built in or addable styles would be so much handier and easier and give way more useful options for even more scenarios. And of course the styles should be editable within the software.

    I think DAWs do not offer the power that styles do yet. Wished they would... And creating own styles e. g. in Ableton is extremely time cunsuming and needs plugins like ReChord ( in order to make the style voices become adaptable to chord changes and realtime chord recognition - and still it doesn't work with importing existing styles from the net... Would love having all of this within Komplete Kontrol and the Komplete Kontrol Keyboards.

  • UdoBehm
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    If the don't do the style thing at least it would be very helpful if they at least would make program changes work with Komplete Kontrol. Missing desperately that sounds are automatically chosen when there is a PC number in combination with a MSB and LSB number... So far every instrument needs to be set up manually and Komplete Kontrol does not recognize or automatically allocate a corresponding sound when a PC, MSB and LSB number is in the track... that's so sad...

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