Audio effects rack with macros like ableton

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I use Maschine 2 as my main workstation and was wondering if anyone knows a way to build preset effects racks similar to Ableton or if its possible at all using the macro knobs. I'd like to achieve something along the lines of this ( ) with a simple eq and gain staging for simple mixing while I'm adding my instruments.


  • Matt_NI
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    @Jeremy @ NI Is that something you did before?

  • Antarikhya Mohapatra
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    Best way is too work Maschine in sequencer mode then. You will definitely be able to control your effects rack, along with the Maschine being in sequencer mode.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Well, Maschine also has Macros, maybe not as deep as the Macros in Ableton but you can achieve a lot already. Check this cool video from ADSR:

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    If this is not about Ableton integration (and that is how I understand it) then yes, you can easily set up groups and projects in a way that you get an easily configurable set of mixing FX that are as detailed or as high level as you need. Basics are there in Maschine onboard, better plugins by other vendors or NI might help.

    Just build your project without any sounds or VSTi, set up your signal chain (might even set up a dedicated group for send FX), build your macro pages and save it as your standard template. Every time you open a new project, it will have all your mixing signal chain and macros already running

  • D-One
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    Sure, you can do it with Macros that control specific parameters from several different plugins for quick access but for it to be practical you have to make a template project and always start with it because it's not something you can just "load" from the browser like it on Ableton. 
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