Traktor Pro Plus subscription trap .. Wrong Way ?

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I'm a little confused about the concept itself after subscribing to Traktor Plus. The roadmap doesn't really say anything about what else I can expect. The exact added value of the Izotope Maximizer may be there but why such sparse information from Native Intruments ? 

The pattern player I find a good idea, but in terms of existing functions of Traktor such as the STEMS or Beatmasher / Repeat and the Beatgrid engine, this is certainly a comfort feature , but no real revolution. 

Rather really a gimmick that 1. is much too quiet and 2. has only one kit. Oh yes, waiting supposedly helps, and I then paid 5 euros a month for the kit. No software can be that unfinished to throw it on the market, except to generate regular revenue with a subscription system. 

Unfortunately, in steps that offer the smallest possible benefit that the user just accepts... 

"test it free , so you can decide for yourself if it offers an added value for you... "

Sounds like someone who apologizes in advance for deliberately testing how far he can go..... 

I am aware that I do not have to have the subscription, but I am of the opinion that these improvements as part of an update as a small thank you and expression of appreciation of their own users is the better way to bind its customers to its brand, rather than with a product to permanently create revenue. Sure, everyone is doing it right now, but that doesn't automatically make it moral or lead in the right direction. 

Maybe I'm just an old romantic who would like to imagine that somewhere there are some programmers who want to build the most awesome DJ software in the world with their heart and soul... 

But there are certainly other opinions or aspects that I have overlooked and would like to discuss.... 




  • lord-carlos
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    Yeah, I don't like that Traktor has gone the subscription way.

    But I do agree with this:

    "test it free , so you can decide for yourself if it offers an added value for you... "

    Here is also an older thread:

  • Jason Brauer
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    It has been working really well for me, and as most things now are subscription based.

  • Scratch-E Con
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    I fully agree. I really like Traktor and I wanted to be supportive so I gave it a try. But from what I see NI is completely ignorant to their user base, that is why many of them are no longer around.

    And to me a revamped X1 MK3 is not gonna cut it. The MK2 didn't really need an upgrade it was good as it was. The Z2 however... Though I can understand from a business perspective. Any DJ remotely interested in battle mixers has already jumped ship. And they won't be coming back.

    It's a pity. But it's a fact.

  • setaquehabla
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    I started with the subscription mainly for the same reason: give a chance and support for the software. Right now i keep it just because the ozone compressor makes stem djing sound better.

  • Aquadics
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    Consider what you could have got for all the money you payed for subscription in hardware and now after all this time you own nothing. :-)

  • djadidai
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    I don’t really like this evolution, going subscribing for what? And extra feature?

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