Maschine crashing with Raum & Replika, Maschine crashes when saving

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Operating System: Windows 10

Maschine Version:2.14.7

Controller Model:Mk3

Controller Firmware version:?

Bug description: Maschine Broken Plugins & Clips

List of exact steps to produce the bug + Result:

When I update the Maschine plugins such as Raum and Replika (using Native Access) and then open an existing Maschine project, when selecting the group with the fx on (fx are on the group and not the sound) a little white box will appear as it tries to load the plugin and then the whole software will freeze and crash. This has been happing for at least a year now if not longer.

It will be fine before the plugin updates (though native access) but after the update I will get this behaviour until I delete the plugin or group and re-add it back in. Sometimes this is not possible as I have recorded sounds on the group so I do not want to delete the group, I only want to delete the plugin. But when I click the group the plugin is immediately loaded and the Maschine software freezes and crashes with "not responding" so it is impossible for me to delete the plugin without deleting the group and all my recoded sounds along with it.

This is a massive issue as it can break a project with a lot of hours put into it and is stupid that it is happening in the first place!

The second one is just as bad and annoying. Here you go:

When changing a sound on a pad in a Clip in the Song view of the Arranger you will crash the Maschine software when you try to save your project. You can only change the sound on a pad (1-16) in the ideas view or in song view and not when using a Clip. It seems the fact you are changing a sound on a pad in a clip in song view is the issue and needs to be fixed.

The crash with this one is that it will not let you save your project! It gives some error saying you can't save!!! I have never worked with any professional software (and I have used a lot) that would crash in a way that doesn't let you save, that should never happen.. If you have broken files in other software you can still save and then just link the broken files back later why is this so difficult in Maschine?

Reproducibility: (Does it happen consistently or occasionally?) Yes it happens consistently over a period of about 1 year.

thanks, Josh


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Jeremy_NI Do you mind verifying if this is a Maschine bug? 🙏

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey Josh, I see you already submitted a request in our support section, you also sent the result of the support tool, that's the way to go, thanks for that. A Maschine specialist will check your issue as soon as possible and will get back to you.

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    Hm, will there be any report here as well or do you want all affected customers to start their own support ticket? I'm facing similar issues and just got lost first draft of an exciting new track just because Maschine didn't survive the Save process. It was having issues before, mostly on startup, but this time it's a real bummer.

    Found related post in old forum but I don't feel well to augment permissions on full-disk access for Maschine beyond what's reasonable just to prevent those issues that haven't been a few weeks back.

    Maschine 2.14.7

    MacOS 11.6.2 (20G314)

    Mac mini M1 16 GB

    UPDATE: Looks like I was hijacking this thread. That hasn't been intentionally, sorry.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @soletan no worries, given that the original title of this thread was "Maschine Bugs Report", it makes sense that you posted here. I've edited the title since then. OP hasn't replied to my colleagues after contacting us, so I assume the issue was somewhere else and that it wasn't a bug after all.

    So, before assuming what you are experiencing is a bug, let's check a few things. Is your issue happening in Maschine in standalone or in a DAW ?

    Next thing is to make sure to give Full Disk Access to the Maschine software as it ensures it has the right permissions to write anywhere on your system (and by writing i mean saving, like saving a project). We made an article about it since this fixes so many issues: How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    Do you still have these issues after giving Full Disk Access and restarting your computer ?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Josh1989 Is everything working now ? I see that you contacted my colleagues but you didn't reply to their messages.

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