Display screen mods for S8 controller (and others)

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I've not touched my S8 for a couple of years, but I'm getting right back into it. I'd really like to install better display mods for the S8, but although my research has turned up a load of old posts, I'm not sure what is currently working.

Could anyone help me put together a sticky list of all current S8 (and other platform) display mods?

Here's what I know so far:

Supreme Mod - https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/45/supreme-edition-mod - not free, €5/mth, but seems current

kokernutz - https://github.com/kokernutz/traktor-kontrol-screens - only seems to work up to 3.4, last update 2 yrs+

ErikMinekus - https://github.com/ErikMinekus/traktor-kontrol-screens  - only seems to work up to 3.4, last update 2 yrs+

Can anyone else add to this or update it?



  • lord-carlos
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    Supreme Mod - https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/45/supreme-edition-mod - not free, €5/mth, but seems current

    It's €5/month if you want updates.

    You could join the patreon for a single month, get the mod and stop the subscription.

    At least that is how I understood it.

  • Isotoxin
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    You can try use this one:


    This is the mod from someone on Github, but I have fixed colors with FX selection on displays.

    Now I don't use S8, but it worked fine with a 3.5.x version of Traktor.

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    NI made a nearly perfect digital DJ hardware interface with the Kontrol S8 & S5, it's a beautiful design and layout- but when it came to how the stock screens displayed data and the gymnastics it took to perform simple functions, this is where they failed. (default FINE setting on the BPM knob, seriously??)

    For me, it was unusable until I installed Erik Minekus's mods. After that, HEAVEN!!

    If I hadn't known about these mods, I would have declared my S5 a POS and sold it. A lot of DJs probably did exactly that, and likely this is likely why it wasn't a bigger success- totally user unfriendly out of the box. If they would have put just a little more effort into it, listened to feedback and developed just a little more, it would probably still be selling quite well in 2023.

    Sometimes its the most basic of functions that really count, like what Erik's mods corrected:

    • Hold Sync to quickly adjust the BPM
    • Switched BPM coarse and fine adjustment
    • Use the Browse knob to zoom in and out of the waveform

    They did have the insight to make Traktor and the hardware eminently moddable, but they could have implemented that customization in a much more more accessible way that didn't require a programmer.

    I still use mine but I'm stuck at Traktor 3.4 until Erik updates, and the last time I checked out the Supreme mod it wasnt that great, but maybe it has improved since 2.0

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    That's Kokernutz mod. It's my favorite. You mean you fixed the color for Effects on stem decks? What colors did you fix?

  • skymakai
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    The Supreme Mod looks like an offshoot of Erik Minekus Prime Engine mod. I liked the look of that one, but the Kokernutz mod is still my preferred.

  • Isotoxin
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    Naaaah... not the stems part. Just the SHIFT+Filter FX, to select the filter effect and show the colors correctly with iton the S8 screens. It was a very small and simple fix.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    Some really posts here folks on those with some coding ability to get stuck in. I agree NI stock mappings can be baffling and half completed.

  • ErikMinekus
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    I have updated my mods to work with Traktor Pro 3.11 and added a ton of new features:

    • Added bar markers on large waveform
    • Added more waveform colors
    • Implemented preferences
    • Moved playmarker position to the left
    • Press Shift+Flux to engage Flux Reverse
    • [Remix Deck] Use the Browse knob to scroll through pages

    In the Prime mod I have also added cue names on the large waveform and redesigned the loop hotcues.

  • hdelplan
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    amazing news @ErikMinekus !! Can’t wait to try this. I am using Supreme Mod but there’s no support since a few months.

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