Straight-line automation

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Is it possible to implement the function for an automation in a straight line instead of forming a saw and also avoid the manual writing of the automation?



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    No, automation updates have been requested for a long long time, it is what it is ;)

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    It has that jagged shape because you have Grid On and are drawing with either the mouse or thru step editing. You can get it smoother by using a Knob to record the modulation or turn off Grid and use the mouse, like so:

    But there's no way to draw perfectly straight lines in Maschine, or curves, or anything really, you can only freehand it or use a knob. 🤷‍♂️

    Like others mentioned people have been asking for this for many, many years, repeatedly... oldest request I've seen is from 2009; there's a ton of threads about it in the old forum.

    Some folks use hacky workarounds like using software that controls your mouse so it can perform straight lines from 2 points.

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    You could create a lock state and have it change gradually over a set period of time (1 bar, 1/2, 1/4, etc.). Unfortunately lock state changes can’t be recorded to a pattern or clip without some sort of midi looping hack

    Ive settled on just using the knobs to manually write them in.

    The most frustrating part is that the functionality is there, just a slight tweak away from being ideal. Seems like a common theme with Maschine tho 🤷‍♂️

  • Vicio
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    I understand, but it is really frustrating and inaccurate I will try with the grid off and I hope they implement this function thank you very much

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    Would love for lock states to be recordable on the grid. Please do this feature NI.

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    +1! Really need to have a more advanced automation editor!

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    j'utilise midishaper de chez cableguys pour dessiner les automation, cela rend la chose fastidieuse alors que ça devrais être simple.

    J'utilise aussi ableton avec le routage des piste de maschine à ableton ce qui permet d'utilisation des automation d'ableton mais le problème c'est que l'on peut router que 16 piste (à cause d'ableton) et que l'utilisation de maschine 2 en mode plugin rend les automation de maschine plus difficile car le plugin ne ce met pas en fullscreen. grrr!!!

    Une autre chose qui m'embête est l'impossibilité de faire des automation sur le master!?

    Ont ne peut pas rename notre liste d'automation c'est pas cool non plus

    Apres 2 ans d'utilisation, j'adore le workflow avec leur contrôleur mais ces simple défaut rende le logiciel "amateur" et pénible.

    suite à cela la question ce pose de passer sur un autre logiciel pour pousser nos production plus loin, plus facilement

    s'il vous plait NI faite quelque chose! on est pas loin d'un très bon logiciel

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    There will be no Maschine V3

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