Sound Not Connecting to Mains or Booth Output on Traktor DJ Decks (hardware)


Plz help! Have a very important gig tomorrow and having what I think is a hardware issue.

Unfortunately my decks were disconnected from the power source a few times in a row earlier, and now when I try to play a track I can see that the clipping/volume lights appear alongside the corresponding deck when playing a track, but the Clipping lights do not appear above the Booth knob, nor does the sound output to the speakers connected via booth or mains output from my decks - with the correct settings selected in the tractor software for the output to go to each when troubleshooting.

When I change the audio device settings under audio setup to built-in (for my Mac computer), the track decks will play from my computer as normal. Audio midi setup appears all good. And I have been changing the Mac Sound Settings to select my traktor decks under sound output as required, but I still can’t seem to diagnose or resolve the issue.

Couldn’t find a forum or discussion where this issue had been discussed or resolved either. Most just point towards changing the settings to the correct outputs etc to resolve the issue

any advice would be greatly appreciated

thanks heaps


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Zeke Mac sorry to hear this. Unfortunately I don't think this topic has been covered before on our forum.

    Can you get in touch with our support team directly so we can verify if it is indeed a hardware issue?

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