Audio alignment features for maschine ?

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We could really use this in maschine. the ability to edit audio in maschine on the grit is really poor. When can we expect these features or basic tools to improvements?


  • Flexi
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    You can always use a 100% wet 0% feedback delay to move audio in one direction.

  • 6xes
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    when you find limitations in software always look for a workaround!!

    what you cannot do in Maschine... do it in another DAW... its really that simple!!

    learn to integrate other Daws to work with Maschine... or vice versa

    there are plenty options(daw's) out there for what you are requesting... its a common feature throughout other DAW's

    once you take this mindset onboard... you'll find a way to do the things you want!!

    integration is key!! (dont wait for some for something that may never happen!!)

  • Moonbot7000
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    Almost all audio editing is done in reaper for me. Quick edits are fine in maschine, things like truncates, normalize, fade out, etc... if it's any more complex it gets sent to reaper. I understand that maschine is not a DAW, but indo wish for a fee more options in this area as well.

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