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Duplicating favorite samples

strg+v Member Posts: 58 Sine
edited September 2022 in Maschine

I have lot of factory samples/oneshots/kicks/snares... marked as favorite...

i want THIS overdozens... to get this hundreds...samples into my USER-lib-Folders with a "BATCH"... is there any way to "transmove"/duplicate"

Lets say i have 100 Kicks and 112 snares... allfrom A-Z cmolete chasos/Wild but i have this FVORITE-Order... any way to "duplicate this to in a "BATCH" to my user folder(S)....

Finder/Explorer does not "order" like NI-favorite.... so, it seems/it is??? really difficault.... or i am blind and MK3... supports such feature... but i dont find????

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