Traktor Pro 3 Key Mapping Question

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Hello all,

I am new to this scene and had some questions about mapping keys on Traktor Pro 3.

I have set a modifier, Modifer #1 --> SAMPLES button as click

I have also set a mapping, overriding defaults, to FX Unit 1, KNOB to M1 - Value 1, as Dry / Wet

Now, how do I make the following?

  1. When SAMPLES are pressed, have the LED to show
  2. Allow the holding of SHIFT + SAMPLES to revert back to the original state?
  3. How do I assign FX 2, 3, 4 to DRY WET 2, 3, 4 accordingly as I did above?

I am currently using Traktor Pro 3 with Kontrol S3...

Thank you in advance


  • Scratch-E Con
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    1. For LED you have to use an output (' Add Out') variable
    2. You have to make a modifier for SHIFT (say Modifier #2). When you press(HOLD) SHIFT then set M2=1 and when releasing M2=0. So in your case set M#1=1 when M#2=1 and M#1=0 when M#2=0 that should work
  • precipice
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    @Scratch-E Con

    Thank you very much for the response...however, I still am stuck.

    Going off of what you said I did the following --

    Restarted the mapping process from the beginning:

    1. Crated a Modifier #1 INPUT - LEFT SHIFT --> HOLD --> DID NOT OVERRIDE DEFAULTS --> set to GLOBAL --> BUTTON, HOLD, SET VALUE TO 1 --> None of the Modifier Conditions are set bc this does not require a IF/THEN
    2. Created a Modifier #2 INPUT - LEFT SAMPLES --> DIRECT --> OVERRIDE DEFAULTS --> set to GLOBAL --> BUTTON, DIRECT, SET VALUE TO 1 --> None of the Modifier Conditions are SET
    3. Created a MODIFIER #2 OUTPUT ---> LED is now TURNED ON

    These allowed the deck to complete the following:

    1. Switch the deck into a different setting when LEFT SAMPLES button was pressed, LED LIT and CHANGE INTO DRY / WET

    I am having a hard time understanding the next steps

    I cannot find where to place LEFT SHIFT HELD + SAMPLES PRESSED WHILE HELD --> reverts back to the original settings

    Thus, on which MODIFIER settings do I insert the MODIFIER CONDITIONS so that it cancels M2 = 1 to M2 = 0 when M1 SHIFT is HELD and M2 SAMPLES are PRESSED?

    Thank you

  • Scratch-E Con
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    Ok I can't reproduce what you want to achieve as I have different gear. But I'm sure some other folks around here can help you, good luck!

  • Wyley
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    I’m going to assume that your sample pads are not working after you mapped the modifiers and that reverting to the original state means you wants those pads to work as in the original state.

    Is this correct?

  • precipice
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    That is absolutely correct.

    Traktor Kontrol S3

    Because I created a Modifier #1 - LEFT SAMPLES BUTTON

    and MAPPED FX "C" KNOB to DRY / WET

    Once it is pressed, it enters into a different state

    I can no longer use LEFT SAMPLES BUTTON and FX "C" KNOB as the original functions.


    I would like to use LEFT SHIFT HELD + LEFT SAMPLES BUTTON clicked as

    "restore to default state"

    Let me know if I need to further explain to assist you in helping me.

    Thank you

  • Wyley
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    Once you change the natural sample button to a modifier it ceases to be the sample button. Why your pads are not working is because you need to assign modifiers to those pads also.


    If you mapped M1 and M2 to make a switch then the pads must have the M1 value and whatever else you mapped must have the M2 value. That way Traktor knows what you want to do.

    However there could be an easier solution but I don't know what you wanted changed to in the first place.

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