Where is the Not Installed Tab ?

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i dont know where the "not installed" tab is so i cant download komplete start help.


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    Assuming that you have downloaded and installed Native Access 2 already:

    Under 'Library', select 'All' or 'Available' and your available products should appear.

    Keep in mind that only the products included in Komplete Start will be shown, not Komplete Start itself as an entry.

    "Not installed" was a tab available in the first version of Native Access, which you can still download from here.

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    I'm trying to find Kontakt's outstanding harmonic sound I heard on a YouTube demo. The directions say to sign in to Native-Instruments to download the Kontakt Player on the Not Installed tab. Where's the Not Installed tab?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey there, easy on the Caps lock :) I did a quick edit.

    I assume you're asking where is the available (=not installed) section. Hopefully you will have found that by now:

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