[Pre-sale question] Why buy the full version of Reaktor 6.4?

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I recently bought Maschine Mk3, so I've been combing through all the native-instruments plugins and totally forgot about Reaktor... I heard about it years ago, but the technical programming element scared me away. Now with blocks, Reaktor looks very interesting, however, I don't know what my crossgrade price ($199) would be paying for since I have the bento box and can also buy 3rd party block packs that should technically still work. And blocks primes look like it's extra and not part of the crossgrade.

My use case would be to use Reaktor to create instruments and effects to support a beatboxing street performing rig. All I would have is a laptop running Reaktor, (a MacBook, I welcome any advice on minimal requirements), a mic, and Maschine Mk3.

I assume from what I've looked at so far that I can Beatbox into the mic, have the audio come into Reaktor to be; looped, sampled, affected by Reaktor blocks, and then output to a portable Pa Speaker.

I've been on youtube looking for advanced tutorials, I mostly find old stuff from real synth geeks who love weird noises but it's hard to find newer videos covering the full version of Reaktor in depth from musical-oriented guys. I am so interested in Reaktor that I'm writing this long post to give anyone the opportunity to help me make the decision to get the full version of Reaktor 6.4


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    REaktor global doc from version 5/6 totals to 2500 pages approx. The documentation regarding Blocks ecosystem is 131 pages.

    The Blocks Ecosystem is kind of easy overall to handle since it emulate the Modular approach of sound synthesis. David from Toybox's Blocks content creator is probably the place to go to learn how to use blocks thourgh video contents.

    What you have to understand is that Reaktor can seem as infinite as the universe and gather multiples possibilities from Instrument/FXs/Blocks creations to Instrument player , Sound processor , modular emulation, or even an advanced midi sequencer . It is so huge that possibilities are really infinite and therefor, all you have to keep in mind is that it can do so many things that you can easily get lost and is a lifelong commitment and probably a life is not enough to learn all it can offer.

    I think that the Blocks ecosystem can be intersting if it matches yourinterest and your need. It is plainly and simply a digital emulation of a modular ecosystem . Is it what you need ? Only you can know.

    If you search for Toybox Blocks on YT you'll get plenty of videos even from other content creator who took that bus as well.

    Hope this helps

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