Why is Machine 2 popping and clicking then freezing when I preview sounds on an empty project?

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I got maschine and Mikro Mk3 about a week ago and it's all been running smooth until this morning.

I opened an empty project, jumped into the expansions section to listen to some of the one shots available. When I click on a sound on the left, it plays once then a get a loud pop/click sound 2-3 times then the entire software freezes and has to be forced quit. It's happening every time now when I try to preview anything from the drop down list on the left. weird thing is if i load a full project without previewing first, it will load the project and I can preview everything on the list without a problem. So it's only when I load a new empty project and start from scratch, which is what I want to do

I even tried loading a project then deleting everything to start over but have the same problem. It seems to only work when there's already a bunch of stuff loaded in from a pre-loaded project.

If I use Maschine inside logic it works fine and doesn't have any issues. Only standalone.

Macbook pro M1Pro, also bought a week or so ago. Anyone know why this is happening?

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