Traktor Pro 3.6.1 Bugs - MacOS Monterey

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Current Specs:

Apple Macbook M1 Max 64GB RAM 2TB


  • collection.nml bloat: newcollection.nml increases in size after closing overwrites collection.nml. On 3.6 collection.nml would almost double in size every time. Increases in size by a few megabytes on 3.6.1 but because newcollection.nml increases in size everytime closing Traktor becomes slower and slower every time because it takes longer to write newcollection.nml
  • flashing browser. Browser is nonstop flashing during operation. Any background task or even scrolling browser up and down causes flashing. I am aware the Traktor team is aware of these issues
  • duplicate songs in playlists. Even clicking on "remove duplicate in playlist" does not remove duplicate entries. It started exhibiting these behaviors recently.


  • mistaHAN
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    Happy to report that after rebuilding my collection on 3.6.1, the collection size seems to remain steady. That was not fun especially because my playlist structure mirrors my folder structure and there isn't a way to import multiple folders as playlists. Will report back if anything changes.

    NOTE* my collection.nml is 80MB and closing Traktor is still pretty slow because it writes a new collection file and the bigger the collection size, the longer it takes to write that file by Traktor.

    Browser flashing is pretty bad still. Hopefully Traktor team can find a resolution to this.

  • Rok73
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    Traktor 3.6.1 STILL creates double entries on Mac OS 12.5.1 Monterey and rescans and analyses a number of tracks (168 in my case) every single freaking time I start it up. Going back to 3.5. FIX THIS.

    Also, as has been stated in other posts the browser flickers/flashes like crazy with certain actions. FIX IT.

    Worst update in a looong while. Annoying.

  • mistaHAN
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    Browser flashing constantly haha. So annoying. Thankfully it doesn't affect my performance but very annoying visually.

  • TheKidJayT
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    I've also had this problem, it also means for me that startup is taking longer each time I open the app, I have to check consistency on my library in order to get the BPM's to display, I have an increasing amount of duplicate tracks showing up every time AND all my playlists and recently history playlists have been cleared.

    Since updating to 3.6/3.6.1 I've had nothing but issues and I can't find a way to downgrade to a previous version either.

  • Rok73
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    Dude, it’s relatively easy to downgrade. Check this out:ühere-Version-von-TRAKTOR-durchführen-

    It’s in German but maybe you can make out the file paths, depending on your OS. Basically, you just start an earlier version of the app from the backup folder. Good luck!

  • DJBoni
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    Same here with macOS 12.6 on MacBook Pro M1 Pro 16inch. Also rescans and analyses 300 tracks in my case everytime i (re)start Traktor. I went back to Traktor 3.5.3 since 3.6 gives me a lot of double files and 3.6.1 didn't fix this.

  • Pippo91
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    Hi Guys! I've a MacBook Pro 14'' M1 Pro, with Monterey 12.3. How is it going Traktor 3.6.1 with this version of Mac OS??? I would love to use my new Mac for Live sets but I'm not sure the system is stable enough :/ let me know your experience =)

  • DJBoni
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    @Pippo91: Using Monterey 12.3 or the most recent 12.6 won't make any difference to this issues. Just stick with Traktor 3.5.3 until these are solved.

  • sucre
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    sad, I subscribed to the paid service on the first day and I have to stick to 3.5.3

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