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I've had an education license since day one ( 2012). I've used all different kind of controllers with it. But I just bought a MK3 that has it's own license. Should I replace my old license with this new one? If so, how in the world would I do that? In addition to that I bought the PLUS a month ago and returned it but that license is still in my account as well. it automaticvally added that license to my account when I turned it own and went through the process.

So I guess I'm rich in licenses :) ... but I'm wondering if that is going to cause some problems. I know that I can't tranfer my original educational license, therefore that maybe a reason to go ahead and change my license to the new MK3 if I knew how to do it.

Any help would be great.


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    If you returned the M+ you probably want to contact support direct and have that license cancelled if only to save the next poor soul having to go through the hassle of contacting support for a new device.

    Pretty sure licenses are optional to add only if you need access to what the license offers! If a keyboard comes with a serial/license then makes sense to just add it to your account anyway, it can be a safety thing since it is then connected to you so if it is stolen someone cannot get it authorised without your approval. But for instance I have an MK1 KK keyboard which is registered and also an MKII which is not since it offered nothing more with the license than the MK1 and my K13U license so I have never bothered to add it and makes no difference.

    So you don't "replace" a license, you can add multiples and then when it comes time to update things you select which license is updated.


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